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Atom and Metro Bank Founder, Anthony Thomson, Invests In Timelio

Timelio has today announced Anthony Thomson has invested in the company. Anthony is an experienced entrepreneur with a track record of building successful, challenger businesses. He is the founder and chairman of Atom Bank, the UK’s first mobile only app-based bank and founder and former chairman of Metro Bank.

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Timelio announce $100 million in funding advanced to SMEs

Timelio, a Melbourne based fintech company, has announced that $100 million of invoices has been funded on the Timelio platform since launch, just over 2 years ago. Timelio has achieved its best ever quarter and a record-breaking month for invoice funding, experiencing growth in Q2 2017 of 50% on Q1 2017.

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About Timelio

Timelio is an online marketplace for invoice and supply chain finance. We bring together growing businesses directly with a network of investors who fund their invoices. 

We have 3 core products:

Invoice Finance

Timelio improves cash flow for businesses by enabling them to get paid immediately, without waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for customers to pay.

With a fast online application and integration with cloud accounting software providers we provide unrestricted and flexible funding. Our product includes trade, contract and export finance.

Supply Chain Finance

We work with large companies (the buyer) to enable their suppliers to receive early payment.

SCF enables suppliers to leverage the buyer’s strong credit profile to get paid early at an attractive rate. At no cost to the buyer to implement, it improves working capital and supplier relations by providing flexible payment options.

Timelio Capital Fund

Timelio manages the fund to provide a passive investment vehicle for investors to participate in invoice finance and supply chain funding programs.

Investors gain access to a new fixed income asset class offering diversified returns. The fund operates like a tracker fund, taking a percentage of transactions across the platform.

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Timelio Co-founders Charlotte Petris and Andrew Petris

Timelio co-founders Charlotte Petris and Andrew Petris