About Us

We are obsessed with leveraging technology to make it fast, easy and affordable for businesses to turn invoices into cash. Timelio makes it simple for you to unlock funds in less than 24 hours by selling your invoices online.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable businesses to get fast, cost effective, transparent and flexible funding via our online peer-to-peer marketplace.
Our vision is to be the most efficient, customer-focused funding platform in Australia, empowering and enabling businesses to grow.


Charlotte Petris

Founder, CEO

I am passionate about making it simple and easy for businesses across Australia to get finance. Following a successful career in finance and having grown up in a family business, I personally understand the challenges faced by business owners. Many of these stem from cash flow constraints, which have only tightened since the financial crisis. Timelio offers a unique alternative to traditional finance so we can help business owners achieve their growth ambitions.

Andrew Petris

Founder, Head of Investors

My goal is to bring new investment opportunities to investors. Having spent much of my career investing capital, I understand the importance of diversification, liquidity and achieving acceptable returns. Timelio allows income seeking investors access to a new asset class, previously only available to banks and finance companies. By funding invoices directly, we enable investors to support Australian SMEs and earn a decent return at the same time.

Adam Pinkus Investment Manager Timelio

Adam Pinkus

Supply Chain Finance Manager

Scott Acker

Chief Technology Officer 


We are always looking for great talent. If working with an enthusiastic and creative team disrupting the world of finance sounds exciting to you, write to us at jobs@timelio.com.au